Savant Apothecary



These soaps are made by us in store. They are completely vegan and made from different plant oils depending on how creamy, lathery or hard we want the soap to be. 

Currently we have these varieties:

Lemon Myrtle, Blue Cypress, Lemon (Blue/Green colour with white)

Rose, Jasmine (pale creamy to pale pink colour)

Cajeput, Lavender, Lemongrass, Pettitgrain (grey and white in colour)

Lemon Ironbark, Lemon, Calendula (pale yellow and white in colour)

Goats Milk, Lavender, Blue Tansy (pale beige with white and blue colour)

Goats Milk Essential Oil free (pale beige with white and blue colour)

Orange, Spearmint, Mandarin, Calendula (orange)

Cedarwood, Pettitgrain, Sandalwood, Lavender (pink with black and white colour)