Savant Apothecary

Gift Box One


Gift Box Contents:

Green Clay Mask

Red Clay Body Scrub 

Body Oil  


Fill the bath or run the shower.  When full and warm slide in and allow skin to be properly wet.  Open the Red Clay Body Scrub jar and scoop out some of the thick paste.  

Rub generously and well over your whole body, use more as needed.  It will feel thick, smooth and paste like, smell rich and deep with Vetiver and Bergamot.  Allow it stay on the skin for a while.  Sink into the water and relax.

Take some Green Clay powder into your hand and wet well.  Rub with your fingers till smooth and liquid.  Massage over face and neck.  Keep it wet.

Lay back relax.

Rinse scrub away into the water with your hands or the shower water.  The bath water now will be a nice pink.

Rinse away Green Clay Mask.

Put some of the deep golden Body Oil into your hands and apply to your arms, legs, chest, tummy, face and neck.  Some will float in the water and cover your areas you cannot reach. Massage in well and enjoy how smooth and fragrant it is. This will keep lovely for days and your soul content as well.    

Relax, imagine, read, share the bath, drink the wine, smile.