Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Five


Gift Box Contents:

Milk Cleanser

Red Clay Body Scrub

Body Oil

Australian Native Bath Salts

Turn the taps on and let the warm water fill the tub.  Turn down the lights grab a fresh towel.  Empty half the salt jar into the bath, the flowers will float, the rosella nibs will release their colour into the water and the salts will dissolve and disperse.

Sink into the bath and soak for a while to let the magnesium ions absorb and relax you.  When your tension has sufficiently softened spread the body scrub over your body one area at a time and rub in.  It will be thick and paste like and feel smooth and sticky.  It will smell rich, earthy and spicy.  rub it in with firm pressure. let it sit on your skin submerged in the water.  Rinse it off till the bath is pink.  

Apply a generous amount of milk cleanser into your hand and massage over face, neck and chest.  It will feel soft and creamy, rich and fragrant.  Massage in well and let sit.  Lay back, relax, close your eyes.  

Rinse off.

Take some Body Oil into your hand, rub over limbs and chest, face and tummy.  some will float through the water to reach all parts of you you cannot reach.  Work into skin slowly until you feel evenly covered.  

Lay back.

Keep laying back.

Read a book, drink a wine, share the bath, wash your hair, think, imagine.

Top up with hot water if necessary.

Stay as long as you like.