Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Four


Gift Box Contents:

Body Wash Milk Emulsion

Body Oil 

Red Clay Body Scrub

It's been a long day, a good day but it hasn't been yours.  You've missed her.  She's been close by all day but not close enough.  Sound familiar?  

This needs a plan.  Its not hard just needs forward planning but sometimes you can wing it well spontaneously too.

Run that bath, light that candle and get this great box out that we've delivered for you.  Put the kids to bed or give them a movie to watch for an hour or so.

Get the products out close to the bath.  Lights off, beverages ready.

The Red Clay Body scrub is smooth and paste like.  Use it first by applying thickly on legs and arms and back, or everywhere.  Rub in well.  As it rinses off it makes the bath a soft milky pink.

The Body Wash Milk Emulsion is for all over the body, face too.  Apply it thickly.  it will feel very soft and glides over the skin like velvet.  Massage in for her.  Rinse off.

The Body Oil is for nourishing the skin.  You can put some in your hand and apply directly to skin or pour some in the bath and let it find contact with the skin itself. The Oil stays on and when you dry off leaves the skin soft and velvet feeling.

Talk, not talk, laugh, embrace, wish her happy Mothers Day.