Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Seven


Gift Box Contents:

Body Oil

Bath Salts


Small size Resplendent

Designed to throw your cares to the world for a while. Designed to be shared or not shared.

Run the bath, pour the salts in and let it fill. Light the candles, turn down the lights, get a little cheese board or favourite book or make sure your phone has plenty of charge because this bath is where you are going to be for the next hour at least.

Once you have soaked and the salts have made you yield your mind use our soap to clean your skin.  We make them ourselves, right from deciding what oils to use and how it is to look and smell.  every bar we have cut and talked about and put on the shelf to cure and then packed it for you to use right at this moment.  They are truly fabulous.

Once clean and water is soapy pour some of the Body Oil over your skin.  Some will disperse in the water and coat your skin.  Alternatively let your kids or partner massage it into your feet, back or arms.  It is very nourishing, thick and luscious while being fine and soft.  It will keep your skin soft for days.

However as wonderful as these are the best is yet to come with that small jar of a wonderful blue balm we make called Resplendent.  take some in your fingertips, rub them together and let it melt.  Apply over face and slowly rub in.  this amazing balm is to nourish and calm, soften and heal.  all made from plants that come from all areas far and wide on our planet.  Do not rinse off.

Take your time, relax, float, smile and drift.