Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Two


Gift Box Contents:

Body Wash Milk Emulsion


Australian Native Bath Salts


Put the plug in, turn the taps on and let the warm water run.  Pour the salts in that are going to relax your muscles and fragrance your skin.  

Light the candle.

Ease yourself in, ease your partner in, let the kids jump in.  Clean with our chunky natural soaps that we make instore.

Cover your limbs and those around you in our soft smooth clay emulsion.  Let it sit on your skin and soften it.  Rub over feet and over the back and shoulders.  Massage over face too.  Be completely covered and smile. Massage it in well to smooth and nourish.

Be still and quiet, drift. Talk, laugh or sing. Draw pictures on each other and make new memories.

Share the bath or share with no one.