Savant Apothecary

Woman Wonderful


Some days are more challenging than others and for some of us that comes with a monthly regularity.  The Woman Wonderful I make uses Essential Oils to ease uncomfortable symptoms and gives you the mindset you need to get through a day that’s not as good as others. It’s for those days you need to be treated more gently but no one seems to know that except you. Those days that you need to be more self aware or you may leave memories you’ll regret. 

Woman Wonderful is beautiful worn as a perfume or floating a few drops in a long long bath. It’s also helpful (totally wonderful actually) when massaged into your body, with a carrier oil, to end a day feeling settled. 

Made with Sandalwood and Chamomile, Clary Sage and Coriander, Osmanthus and Frankincense and all the ones I know to be helpful and smell amazing. 

Soft, uplifting, comfortably lingering and reassuring. Enjoy.