Savant Apothecary

Sleep Balm


This is a soft balm for the restless people in our lives, both tiny and full grown.  Used in conjunction with slowing down for bed, after a bath or story time.  Massaged on the inside of limbs, under feet, or across the chest or back this balm helps promote a restful disposition. It helps bring busy minds home to sleep. The scent is still fresh and pleasant even though it has chamomile and lavender. It contains essential oils known scientifically to be helpful for sleep and all other essential oils coming from the eons of human use. I’ve covered all bases. 
This product was first released as a trial in early 2019 after many requests. We made a batch it sold, we made some more it sold and so on we went. After 6 months it went from having hand written labels to a professional label... a sign at Savant that a product has earned its permanency. Also we were very tired of writing so many labels.