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About Savant Apothecary

Hello welcome to Savant Apothecary.  My name is Kylie and I am the Apothecarist at Savant.

I make all the products here from their very first imaginings to posting them off to you.

We all have our passions that we like to be informed about.  I have mine and you I'm sure have yours.  Mine is making really great skincare.  My version of "great" is skincare made from natural orgins that have been with us on the earth since forever.

Making the most of these ingredients without having to alter them with chemicals, being aware of where they were grown and the people who grew them and how they are or aren't altered.  

Keeping abreast of the best performing actives, which forms are better and what are their effects on the skin at a cellular level.  Not surprisingly the best ones are already used and produced by us or plants like Vitamin A & C. 

Savant Apothecary offers you plant based natural products with no toxic load, and organic and sustainable ingredient sources. 

My products are handmade by me in small batches and can also be tailor made to what you need. If you want high performance cosmeceuticals then I will add the right actives to get you what you want to achieve.  

Some products such as the lovely, lovely cleansing Oil is 100% pure unadulterated plant oils, cold pressed extraction of Jojoba from Israel and Camelia from Australia. Others like the Luminous Face Cream are more complex and made from combinations of Aloe gel and Shea butters and plant oils and extracts from Babussu to Radish to deliver a cream that is fresh and comfortable to use with Vit C and A actives to keep your skin so smooth and vibrant every day.

Skin products are put on your skin for many decades and they need to be healthy, natural and effective.

Most of us make this lifelong commitment quite early and it's actually quite a serious decision. My role is producing for you healthy toxin free skin care that will get you the outcomes you want for the future, your role is putting it on your skin.....everyday.

So there you have it, my passion provides your solution to a lifetime of healthy effective skincare use.

Welcome to Savant Apothecary. 

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