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Easter Egg Soap Carton


Those seeking something alternative to chocolate but still traditionally Easter.  Those looking for a simple easter gift that is unique, beautiful and can be enjoyed for a long period of time.  Those who need soaps that are gentle natural and good for all skin types including sensitive.

These soaps develop a rich, creamy lather while the clay gives them a silken smooth feel on the skin.  They are made with an excess oil rate of 8% to be gentle and not drying on the skin.  They each have different essential oil blends for a beautiful scent both refreshing and uplifting.

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A special release for Easter of four handmade solid egg soaps in a cute cardboard egg carton.  Scented only with essential oils and made with Coconut  Oil, Helianthus Oil and  Tallow for a creamy lather and a hard bar that has a beautiful glide and long life.  Contains ground Poppy Seeds and clays and minerals to achieve colour and smoothness.  These have turned out rather delightfully for our first year offering them.  Even with a few failed batches and taking time to find an efficient technique we will offer these again next year.  Enjoy your Easter and we hope the recipient of this lovely box soap set enjoys them immensely.
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