Savant Apothecary



If you have invested considerable time into reversing sun damage on your arms with bbl laser, ablation or vascular laser Lucent may be a product you haven’t been able to find. This is our high Vitamin oil for the body. Made with good feeding plant oils and then highly enriched with Vitamins A,C,E. If your skin exposure journey is young this is certainly a way to minimize long term changes in the skin on the body. If half of your skin exposure timeline is behind you you’ll be noticing significant and quite fast changes in how it feels and looks. Bbl laser and others greatly encourage new growth that needs lots of vitamins to proceed well. Lucent has been made with this in mind as a result of us not being able to find an existing product on the market for this need. Made to assist healthy skin growth through vitamins and fatty acid nutrition at a time when skin is in rapid repair after laser treatments. Continual use decreases the impact of skin exposure to the sun, keeps skin hydrated, soft smooth and clear. Ask us instore about Lucent or message us any questions.