Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Six


Gift Box Contents:

Body Wash Milk Emulsion 

Body Oil

Vitamin C & A Oil - 5ml small size

Resplendent - 5ml small size

This is a great bath to share.  Designed to bathe your whole body in product from toes to forehead.

Body Wash Milk Emulsion is a unique product thought up and made just by us. It's a thick and creamy wash, smooth like velvet and very good for your skin.  It coats your body in a beautiful whiteness and feels a lot like putting on your favourite comfy sweater.  It's wonderful to rub on another person and smells of Australian natives that are lemony and honey like.  Washing off beautifully to leave skin lightly exfoliated and softened.

Body Oil, it's rich and full and scented with Vanilla and woods and citrus.  Particularly lovely when massaged into your back by a loved one. A great massage that isn't too short is then followed by putting our Vit C&A Oil and Resplendent on your face. These are to be melted in your hand and then massaged over the face well.  Do not rinse off.

Lay back, your work is done.