Savant Apothecary

Gift Box Three


Gift Box Contents:

Body Oil

Red Clay Body Scrub



Resplendent Limited Edition Sample Size 

Shared bath or solitude bath?

You get scrubbed or you scrub yourself?

The Pink Bath. Once the Red Clay Body Scrub has smoothed and cleaned you it then refreshes you as a milky pink bath.

Fill the bath, light the candle, grab a fresh towel, your book, your wine, your music or someone you love.  Slide into the bath and have someone or you cover your limbs one by one in the Red Clay Scrub. Smooth it over your arms like thick frosting. With pressure rub it in.  Over chest, tummy, feet, neck, arms and legs.

When all done follow the same procedure with the Body Oil.

Lay back, relax, you have nothing more to ask of yourself. 

After a while melt some Resplendent on your fingertips and massage onto face. Enjoy its smell, keep your fingers moving it over your forehead and cheeks and along jaw.

Do not wash off.