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July 15, 2020

Glass and us

Kylie Myatt

If you are familiar with our products you would be familiar with our glass.  Glass packaging is a mainstay of how we operate at Savant.  The most important reason is one that concerns all of us, even those not using our products, and that is its ability to be infinitely recycled right here in Australia.  Even now, at the small size we currently are, we are using upwards of ten thousand bottles and jars a year.  Thankfully we are not adding this number per year into the environment around us as plastic bottles. Last year we did over 1500 refills and had two thousand of our glass bottles and jars returned. This year we have already exceeded this. Returning an empty glass bottle or jar to us starts a rigorous and time consuming process.  Every staff member at Savant is involved at least once a week in preparing returned glass for re use.  First the bottles are washed up and then slowly bought to a simmer in a huge pot.  Labels are then removed and jars and bottles re washed again inside and out.  When perfectly clean they are rinsed again at high temperatures and rinsed inside with a pure alcohol.  Checked again for marks, chips or cracks and put back into our drawers. 

The other equally important reason for glass packaging is the products inside that the glass holds and protects. When using the natural ingredients that we do they often are sensitive to light and also to different surfaces.  Amber glass protects them from visible and non visible light and gives an inert unreactive surface that can hold our delicate products for long periods of time in perfect condition.  It is this reason that the same jars and bottles are used in laboratories and medicine storage as a safe and effective solution to keep products pure and fresh. 
Not all our glass is Amber, some is clear. Our Milk Cleanser is in a clear glass container, it can allow itself to interact with light and stay fresh.  Increasingly over time we have been able to buy recycled glass for this product.  When we can, these clear bottles have a more green colour as opposed to new clear glass, called flint, that is completely clear.  It has been encouraging over the years to see the increase in recycled glass appearing in our orders from our different suppliers.

I also love the feel of glass, it’s weight and cool temperature. I love how light passes through it and bends and distorts.  It is a truly beautiful substance. I hope you love it as much as we do.


Meet Kylie Myatt 

I keep skincare simple and enjoyable for this stage. Not too many steps but each step is immersive with smells and textures you can’t wait to try again. It’s to bring your mind in, make it still and take a breath before you exit that bathroom.

This is the first part of my work as your skincare maker complete. But really my work is about what your skincare is doing on your skin for the rest of the day. Making it grow healthy, undamaged and unhindered by harsh chemicals.