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Minimise scarring after surgery or injury

When faced with a wound that needs to heal particularly well with a fine smooth scar optimal the Vit C&A Oil is recommended. Where two sides of the skin need to adhere after an incision new collagen growth needs to occur and afterwards this collagen needs to evenly distribute in the area and not contract and bunch tightly together.  For this to occur optimally both Vit C and at the 21 day mark, importantly Vit A need to be present constantly.  The Vit C&A Oil is to be applied twice daily once the wound has a dry appearance.  Massage well with downward pressure especially once wound has healed over and in the following 6 weeks.

For other wounds more relative to rashes, grazes and burns we recommend  the Baby Balm daily or the OOO Salve also daily.  These two  products alleviate itching associated with wider area wounds and skin irritations with the zinc diminishing the occurrence  of puss and infection.