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Sleep Blend 15ml


Those who need help to sleep, those who have a brain not agreeable to sleep times.  Use as part of a wind down time where your tasks are done and time is more your own.  I recommend allowing the scent to be in your space a good 40 mins before lights out.  Use in an oil burner, a diffuser or an electric oil warmer.  Use a few drops in the corner of a shower or in a bath.

This is made to relax you and as such the scent is herbal, sweet and a little fresh, smokey and powdery with a wooded scent and some soft floral.


Made with all the essential oils known to relax you, slow you down, unwind your mind and generally make you feel sleepy.  Chamomile and Lavender play a large part in this as well as Marjoram, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.  Sleep blend is best used in an oil burner or diffuser or a few drops in a bath or diluted and applied sparingly to the skin.  The scent smells much like the feeling of being sleepy does – slow, heavy, warm, comforting, soft and relaxed.