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A word from our Founder

 What is Savant All About?

There is something about closing that bathroom door and no-one  from the world is there, it is you alone, your thoughts, your full biological entity, your feelings, dreams, plans, all your history and your yet to be seen future. It is for me a very respectful and private privilege for Savant to be there.

So why is Savant there in that bathroom? What is it about Savant that you have all agreed with?  There is an element of pleasure I want you to experience when using our products. Pleasure, even when small, can turn a hard day around, change your mindset, help you yield or help you stand tall. We develop textures, scents and sensations that feel purposefully good.

 Our products must compliment and assist your biological self.  While able to overcome an incredible number of incidents, on occasion your cells do need help to perform at their best, least of all giving them easy and consistent access to all the key compounds they need to function well, day in day out, for life. Its not just your cells either but those of your micro biome that are also helping you to live well.

Giving value to not hindering this process,  not introducing molecules or compounds that do not need to be there is important. Compounds like micas for shimmer, silicones for touch and texture, synthetics for a painfully boring predictability. Even though on a biochemical level I knew this would be important I didn’t expect it would also be “felt”. Many say how fresh, comfortable and compatible our products feel. Is this why?

But actually it is much bigger than just your cells. Beyond you there is a whole living world just as important, just as pure, just as robust, just as fragile. Whatever action I hand to you I also hand to the world.  How to make a difference?

We do not do plastic containers. We only use glass or metal, most of which has been held in the hand of another many times, returned, cleaned and filled or crushed, melted and reformed again and can be, over and over and over, throughout time.

This even though so important, urgent even, comes with some harder realities.  Glass is expensive, glass can break, glass is heavy. But all these inconveniences stay just with us. None of these pass to further generations.  This is an example of intergenerational justice ~ that our decisions today do justice to future generations. Plastic is pushing a problem people don’t want to face now onto future generations, doing them an injustice.

And then there is you….

You who has seen a lot of life, you who is perhaps deep in its trenches or you who perhaps has newly begun.

Perhaps you are coping well, perhaps you are not. Perhaps you are strong and know where you are going, perhaps you like to wander and travel through quietly. You are uniquely you, a one off, a wonder.  Sometimes things go well, sometimes they do not.  Savant is here for all your seasons, sometimes breakout, sometimes sensitive, sometimes sunburnt, sometimes tired, sometimes sore.  Quietly in the background giving you solutions that keep your biggest most remarkable organ healthy for life. 

It is the small decisions and actions carried out everyday over long periods of time that have the biggest consequences later in the journey of life.  Savant is about healthy skin for life.

Visit us in-store

Saying “Hello” to us instore is a unique experience for your senses. The essential oils we use mix and mingle together to fill the air with a beautiful natural scent from the world outside.  Visiting us is an opportunity to try scrubs, body creams and oils on your skin to really know and experience what we do well. We train our staff to know exactly what our products are made from and how they work and why. Our staff all do days at our production facility to help make what we do. Looking forward to seeing you. 

Visit us at The Junction

Shop 19 A, The Junction Fair, 200 Union St,
The Junction, NSW 2291

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Shop 2053 Westfield Kotara (Carpet section), Cnr Park Avenue and Northcott Drive, Kotara, Newcastle NSW 2289