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We make skincare that is clean, healthy and natural. It’s also made to deliver you a clear vibrant skin for life

Sustainability, what does it mean to me? Sustainability to me is where I can carry out a process or activity indefinitely while not depleting or drastically altering the world around me.  I can exist within the world, not by dominating it, but by understanding and accepting its limits and offerings.  Within Savant I do this by using materials that can return to the earth in the same form they came from the earth and using those materials over and over again before they are retired to the earth, if they ever actually have to be.  To us refilling is not posting out many thousands of plastic pouches, it is bringing your empty bottle into our store where we clean it and refill it.  No plastic pouches involved.

It is looking for farms that have been farms for a very long time, not freshly cut forest.  It is plants grown well without heavy chemical assistance.  It is an unending curiosity to understand how the world that supplies me works, that nature has solutions possibly subtle and not obviously seen to most of our problems, we just need to stop and observe, think and trust.  What do we do that’s sustainable, what are our not negotiable terms?  No plastic bottles, no matter the cost of glass  or steel tins this is non negotiable.

Refilling, its your bottle not just for 3 months but for years. Clean non toxic ingredients, a no brainer, seriously.  You live for a long time, lets keep this incredible machine of yours clean and ship shape.  Your microbiome, yes that wondrous garden of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and tiny tiny creatures you need to nurture  and protect because you actually need them, they are part of you. 

That big wide world outside of your body.  What are our products doing once they disappear down that drain?  When they find themselves once again part of the natural world they have to be accepted back into it by being in a usable recognised  form, another reason why natural compounds are best.



Our Packaging

Glass packaging is a mainstay of how we operate at Savant.  The most important reason is one that concerns all of us, even those not using our products, and that is its ability to be infinitely recycled right here in Australia.  Even now, at the small size we currently are, we are using upwards of ten thousand bottles and jars a year.  

Thankfully we are not adding this number per year into the environment around us as plastic bottles. Last year we did over 1500 refills and had two thousand of our glass bottles and jars returned. This year we have already exceeded this. Returning an empty glass bottle or jar to us starts a rigorous and time consuming process.


Our Ingredients

Being a manufacturer that uses natural products means we are closely associated with the natural world and the actions of fellow people that grow or take from the ground what we use.  We choose organic farming, even more preferably regenerative  farming because it is more rich in its diversity and understanding a full cooperative environment.  We support people who think like us and we buy their products.  We buy ingredients in their natural state and opt for no processing unless it is unhealthy to do so.  We love suppliers who use metal drums rather than plastic ones.  Suppliers who use recycled cardboard for shipping and not plastic.  Plants grown in their native environments where the climate and species diversity  naturally supports their growth limiting the agricultural impact. 


Your Skin

All our work leads towards that moment you apply our products on your skin.  I strictly keep our ingredients in their natural state and in the sphere of compounds us as a species has lived with for millennia for a proven safety and compatibility.  I keep actives strictly to ones that the body makes itself for specific  functions or needs but cannot manufacture.  I am serious about the effect of our products after decades of skin application and uptake.  We are to support and sustain, not hinder and weaken.  We also have to support your microbiome which has an impact on our preservatives especially and the choice of some compounds that inhibit or encourage certain species that live on or within you.

Featured Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis Miller

A soothing and hydrating juice, powder or gel that calms irritation and  burns while increasing water content in the skin. Found in our face creams, gel and milk cleanser. taken from the leaf.

Argan Oil

Argania Spinosa

A fine textured oil pressed from the kernel. particularly good for hair and skin due its vitamins, fatty acids, squalene and resorcinol.  found in our oily face serums and hair products.


Matricaria Chamomilla / Anthemis Chamomilla

Chamomile is most famous for its effective anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.