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Have a great bath

To me a great bath is being immersed in salted, scented, deep hot water, lights low and some great products to do my skin service and sensorially make me relaxed and happy.  So what should they be? What is a great bath?

Bath Salts, Body Oil, Body Scrub, Face Cleanser, Green Clay Mask, Vit C&A Oil or Resplendent or both.  Smooth the skin with the Red Clay Body Scrub over all limbs and chest, which will also make the bath water a delightful milky pink.  Apply Body Oil to all limbs and massage them well, some will float in the water and adhere to your skin all over, it will be fabulous and the scent is divine.

Cleanse your skin SLOWLY, rinse and massage in Green Clay Mask, it’s good to use as its very fine and you can take the time to massage it in without over exfoliating.  Mix together Vit C&A Oil and Resplendent and massage over the face, neck and chest slowly and thoroughly for a good five minutes.  Then lay back and dream, think, imagine.  Enjoy.