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Beard Oil 100ml


Those who have beards and moustaches.  Those who want to soften facial hair and keep a beard in soft optimal condition.

This oil feels fine on the fingertips with a very low viscosity.  It absorbs into skin and hair easily and well.  The scent is wooded, soft, herbaceous, rich with a little green freshness.


Beard Oil, in all honesty, was in fact made for my benefit.  My husband when he came in for a kiss, well intentioned as it was, would instead inflict me with tiny sharp pin pricks as his coarse beard hair would make contact with my face.  From this I made and bought home an oil that would soften his beard/moustache and I could enjoy his kiss as was intended.  From that moment on we listened to all our bearded customers and their partners and Beard Oil emerged after a year of adjustments to be a nourishing but still fine textured oil that conditions and softens not just the hair but also the skin underneath to give trouble free beard life.  Beard Oil is scented with essential oils of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, a little Vetivert, Clary Sage and Lavender.  It is also a subtle way to wear a natural scent that smells soft, woody, herbaceous and fresh.  It is made with Argan Oil a very effective conditioning oil for hair but also good for skin.  Jojoba Oil also contributes to the comfortable skin feel in its well known compatibility and similarity to our own skin oils.
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