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Soap Calendula


Those who can be itchy after bathing.  Those with quite dry skin.  Those who seek natural soaps free of synthetic fragrance.

Heavy for a soap, very smooth when wet.  Has no awkward feel on the skin, is refreshing and comforting to use.  Has an 8% free fat content to balance the cleansing properties of the soap for gentleness and skin protection.


Calendula Soap is made for skin that is easily irritated and develops itching after bathing.  This soap is made with goats milk and the thick resinous Calendula extract known for its calming and anti itch qualities.  The scent of this soap is fresh, sunny, somewhat like fresh hay carrying through from the natural scent of the Calendula.  The goats milk makes this soap particularly smooth and silky when wet.  The soap has a creamy open lather that develops into a denser lather upon brisk movement.  A large chunky soap designed to last.
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