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Soap Goats Milk


Those who irritated skin and find soaps unsuitable or irritating.  Those who know and love Goats milk is soaps.  Those who seek natural soaps free of synthetic fragrances and additives.

This soap contains lavender and Blue Tansy essential oils for a soft herbal scent that is lovely but secondary to the soothing qualities these oils have.  Feels very smooth and silken form the goats milk.  Does not dry the skin so the skin feels comfortable after a shower or bath.  Has a good lather and lasts well.


Goats Milk adds lactates to the soap and extra fats to make a particularly gently and soothing soap.  Goats Milk also makes the soap very smooth and silken in texture and is the best soap to use for skin that is easily and frequently irritated, broken, inflamed or itchy.  This Goats Milk Soap makes a good soap for very young children and infants.  Has a rich open lather meaning the bubbles are larger and softer while the oils in the soap create a subtle milkyness.  Not intended for face use or around the eye area.  Has a 10% free fat content making it our most moisturising and gentle soap.
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