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Soap Indian Ruby


Those who love a deep rich scent and perhaps a scent they find hard to place.  Those who seek quality soaps that are enjoyed by the skin.  Those who have dry skin or skin unsettled by synthetic fragrance and additives.

Well the scent! Then the deep colour and solid weight of the block in your hands is satisfying.  When wet the lather is creamy and very smooth, silken.  There is no funny feel on the skin afterwards, just a happy human.


This soap has a beautiful scent.  Part spice part refreshing, part herbal, part floral.  Made with red clays and oils of cinnamon, lavender and Ylang Ylang it is both warm and refreshing, deep, exotic, rich.  Smooth and quick to build a lather that is creamy, loose and open.  Has 8% free fats for a gentle finish on the skin replacing some oils that the soapy component removes.  Made to handle frequent use and wear down to a fine slither without breaking.
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