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Soap Indigo


Those who love fresh and vigorous scents and those who love the varying colours of indigo blue.  Those who seek natural soaps free of synthetic fragrance.  Those who can never go back from essential oil soaps.

Fresh, almost a mouthwatering freshness with a deeper herbal scent.  Feels a little rough with the poppyseed meal but otherwise smooth and chunky.  Intended for body cleansing not facial cleansing.  Has a vigorous lather that carries the minty fresh scent.


One of our most loved soaps for its refreshing blue gum scent reminiscent of high, cool and wet Australian Eucalypt forrest.  Made with Indigo from the fermented leaves of the Japanese Polygonum tinctoria plant.  The colour varies from a deep blue to an almost lavender blue from batch to batch.  This indigo soap also contains ground poppy seeds for a mild exfoliating effect.  Its fresh deep scent is from Eucalyptus and Rosemary, a rather wonderful pairing mellowing out the crisp eucalyptus so you want to inhale it again and again.  Has an 8% free fat content for gentleness, is a hard bar so it lasts well and lathers well with plenty large and small bubbles.
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