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Soap Lemon Myrtle


Those who love a rich honey lemon type scent that has a sharper almost eucalyptus type note.  Those who seek natural soaps that are gentle on the skin while cleaning well.  Those who love the bathroom to have a just discernable scent of the bush.   Those who appreciate packaging free products.

This large block is well held in the hand and is thick enough to last well.  When wet the soap has a creamy, open lather that feels wonderful on the skin.  this soap makes plentiful large and small bubbles that hold their form and feel soft and nourishing.  This soap moves over the skin well with no tight funny feeling afterwards.  A refreshing rich lemon scent with a slight hint of mint and eucalypt.


Lemon Myrtle reminds me partly partly of Australian bush and partly of our honey like rich scented native flowers and partly  naturally of Lemons.  We combine these essential oils with green and white clays and ground seeds to give a refreshing bar that is heavy and smooth with a natural scent that fills a bathroom.  One of the very first soaps we made and always has stayed a favourite.  Made with the same qualities we maintain across all our soaps, Lemon Myrtle soap is refreshing, somewhat rich in a honey like way and reminiscent of our wide open bushland.  Has 8% free fats to keep it gentle on the skin with our luxurious soft lather our soaps are known for.
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