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Soap Sandalwood & Rose


Those who seek natural soaps free from synthetic fragrance and colours.  Those who find soaps normally problematic and drying.  Those who love the scent of essential oils in their shower or bathroom.

Heavy and silken when wet.  This soap has an open soft lather that does not upset the skin.  Easily cleanses all areas though not made for facial use.  A hard soap made to handle frequent use and wear evenly down with use to the last thin slither.


A warm mellow scented soap arising from the milled sandalwood and the pervasive floral of the rose.  Contains white clay for extra slip and smoothness when wet.  For those who love a floral scent that has been tempered and mellowed with the warm soft scent of wood.  This soap is made with an 8% free fat content to add gentleness and balance the cleansing abilities of the soap.  Hand made by us from Western Australian Sandalwood and Rose from Egypt.
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