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Be still my lovely one

Today in a society so advocating of productivity, boredom is a word we likely won’t admit to.  We avoid it as if allowing boredom would be a slight on our productive character, perhaps it would be even felt as a failure.  We no longer allow ourselves, or are willing to participate, to do nothing….all alone….all […]

Just an Idea

Today I am sitting in the empty lounge room of our family home. The family home that our children grew up in, the noise, the chaos, the busyness, the quiet late evenings with my husband where we would talk, share wine, listen to music and on occasion dance in this very same room. It’s been […]

Glass and us

If you are familiar with our products you would be familiar with our glass.  Glass packaging is a mainstay of how we operate at Savant.  The most important reason is one that concerns all of us, even those not using our products, and that is its ability to be infinitely recycled right here in Australia. […]

Do essential oils show anti-viral activity and can we trust them?

There is a lot of anti viral talk at the moment but it’s the ones about Essential Oils that worry me the most.  So lets see what we know about Essential Oil Anti Viral activity so far.   A lot of Essential Oils are bio active.  The plants that made them frequently design them or […]

How much is too much?

How much is too much on your skin? At what point does an extra step become pointless? There has been an incredible increase in the availability of skincare in the past ten years and it is still increasing.   With this has also come a steady and strong amount of information on ingredients that  are […]

Urea, I think the most undervalued ingredient in skincare

Urea, it probably brings up images of fertiliser or even urine, certainly not normally skincare for most people unless you are in my field. Urea is a very important molecule in your body and particularly important in your skin, so much so your skin tries to maintain levels of about 28 micrograms per square centimetre. […]

Vit C – Which one is on your skin?

Vit C matters a lot, and the right Vit C matters even more.  Are these in your ingredient list? L Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate or Ascorbyl Phosphate, these are all derivatives of Vit C and while they are all making appearances in many levels of skincare they are not found in Savant Apothecary […]