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Apricity Blend 15ml


All who like to smell and imagine.  Those who have been places where a scent is tied to a memory.  Those who can sit while their mind travels far upon the involuntary actions of imagination.  Made with only the essential oils extracted from woods, rinds, leaves and flowers in their entirety.  Suitable for diffusers, oil burners and electric oil warmers.


Warm, mellow but bright and still fresh.


Apricity ~ the warmth of the sun on your back in winter. Citrus is a winter fruit and in making this scent I have imagined sitting along a row of orange trees breathing in the scent of their rich peels warming in the sun, also smelling the warm earth and tree trunks and my clothing, softening and warming on my skin. Apricity is made with the oils pressed from orange rinds, rich and mouth watering.  The oils distilled from the wood of cedars, a little clove and some bergamot and pettitgrain for the warm green leaves and still green and tender branch tips.