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Oil Burner Black


Our Woods Raw Incense, Essential Oils and wax melts.

A medium weight ceramic oil burner made of two pieces: a base and a concave rimmed dish for the top. Smooth to the touch with a matte glazed finish.


A ceramic two piece vessel made to warm our essential oils or our Raw Incense.  Medium in stature, smooth, round and unobtrusive this oil burner is designed to show the soft light of a candle while understanding the nature of its task. Made of two pieces for ease of cleaning with ventilation holes higher on the wall for venting excess heat.  The black glaze is matte and smooth.  A tealight candle 15mm in height (4 to 5 hrs burn time) provides the ideal distance from flame to water holding vessel ensuring the oils or incense do not burn. Add ambient temperature water to a hot vessel to avoid heat shock and the vessel potentially cracking. This oil burner is also listed separately in a white colour.