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Oil Burner White


Our Woods Raw Incense, Essential Oils and wax melts.

A medium weight ceramic oil burner made of two pieces: a base and a concave rimmed dish for the top. Smooth to the touch with a matte glazed finish.


A smooth ceramic vessel that has a curved form that is low and wide.  Hand made this vessel has slight differences from vessel to vessel as parts like the wide mouth opening have been hand carved.  Made of two pieces so the top may easily be removed for cleaning or refilling.  The main vessel that carries the candle has three air vents to allow good airflow and prevent too high a heat developing on the top holding dish. When in use this top holding dish will be hot as it is intended to be.  When replenishing water to the top dish be aware that adding quite cold water to a very hot ceramic may resulting in a shock fracture due to the sudden temperature differential.  Use a 4 to 5 hour tealight and not the 8 hour tealight as these will overheat the holding dish.  A tealight as pictured is perfect.