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Candle No.2 Small


The traveller, the minimalist, the lover of things small and good.

A warm golden light, a scent reminiscent of somewhere you know, somewhere you plan to go.  A gentle flame that moves like a breath, holding you present.


A small candle suitable to sit in smaller spaces, smaller tables or narrow window ledges.  Compact to travel with and create a warm soft light from first darkness till late in the evening night.  Made with soy wax to melt at a lower temp limiting smoke.  The glass jar is made from amber recycled glass and not painted. This allows the jar to be used over and over again always looking new.  The amber glass gives an extra warmth and golden hue to the light that the small flame produces. This candle contains only pure essential oils for scent, as such it has a subtle scent that is easy enjoyed as natural plant scents are.  Good for small rooms.  The scent is woodsy, subtle but rich, resinous with some soft floral hues.  Much like a  warm wooded forrest with a Jasmin flowering somewhere unseen in the distance. We use cotton wicks that, like candles of old, need to be kept about 10mm long.  If the wick is allowed to curl and be long a bigger flame will develop leading to a hotter candle.  A hotter candle makes a bigger flame which makes a very hot wax and a candle that burns fast.  A simple, quick trim with scissors or even small clippers will easily keep a candle burning warm, soft, moderate and for many hours. Enjoy your contemplative evenings of music, reading, conversation, thoughts and good food. Perhaps even some star gazing in the wilderness.