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Red Clay Body Scrub


Those who like to bathe memorably.  Those who like to take time to maintain their skin while also enjoying the process.  Those who seek a non pollutant life and those who love scents that are not easily described but certainly enjoyed.  Those who have skin that needs assistance to shed spent dry layers.  Those who want to lay back, breathe deep and soak while their mind travels afar.

Thick, cool, heavy yet fresh.  Rough when pressure is applied.  Massaged into skin well the clay can be left to dry or rinsed away.  If left to dry the clay will absorb oils from the skin, which, for most, will need to be replenished with a body oil, lotion or cream.  Leaves the skin exceptionally smooth for some days while being very comfortable to use.


Red Clay Body Scrub is a thick clay paste further sharpened with volcanic pumice and ground walnut.  My reasoning here was to make the whole product the scrub which avoids that annoying feature of traditional scrubs where the scrub components in the oil simply move to the edges making the scrub non functional.  Red Clay Body Scrub is made with Australian clays and blended completely by us.  It has a rather wonderful thick texture that spreads over wet skin completely and easily.  While feeling like a thick and rather smooth mud each particle size from fine crystalline clays to larger more discernible pumice and mid weight walnut smooths and refines the skin, both soft and callous. This scrub is particularly wonderfull to use in a bath.  The deep ocher red and white clays make bath water milky pink and opaque which helps to hold you, content, in a deep bath a little longer. Red Clay Body Scrub smells intentionally deep and earthy, complimenting the rich sunbaked earth it came from and the hardy grasses that grow there.