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Feminique Blend 15ml


Those who can have overwhelming days where achieving your regular days outcome is slow, unwilling and difficult.  Smells rich, deep and lasting with a scent that lingers and helps you relax yet feels good.

Suitable to apply on cloth you carry with you, a pillow, diluted on your wrist, oil burners, diffuers, electric oil warmers or a few drops added to a bath.  is also effective as a luke warm damp linen compress.

The chamomile and lavender are heavier all encompassing essential oils that while ideal for relaxing us i find I need to freshen and lift them with other Essential Oils like Clary Sage, Cypress and Osmanthus.


Feminique is complex and rich yet gentle and calming, embracing and while being curious.  It imparts a comfortable settled feeling yet also has a scent very nearing a perfume category that makes it easy to have close to you when needed. Made with calming oils of chamomile and lavender, it is cleared and lifted with oils of Clary Sage and Cypress. Osmanthus adds a memorable element purely for pleasure.  The oils is feminique are selected for their calming effects and their reputation in being helpful for when certain days at certain times of a month become more difficult than others.