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Hair Oil 50ml


Those with thick hair that likes to sit out and puffy, those with hair that is flighty, light and always looking wild, those with curls they like to accentuate.

Very fine textured with a fresh, green and lemon type scent.  Hair feels very smooth with a healthy shine and a nice weight rather than being puffy.


Hair Oil is a conditioning oil made with very fine Argan Oil and essential oils of Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary and Clary Sage.  Its purpose is to give fly away or puffy hair a silken fall and a little weight so it falls heavy but not oily.  It is also particularly good at accentuating curls, giving them definition and preventing that tangle and fuzzy halo.  Hair Oil is best applied to still wet hair by rubbing a few drops between palms and clapping over the ends of the hair lengths only. By clapping we means clapping the hands together with the hair in between the hands.  Comb through when done and style as usual. This Hair Oil prevents untimely breakdown of the hair ends and keeps the full shaft of the hair in good condition.  May be used as often as you need.