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Those with dry skin or skin coarsened by age.  Those who have thickened skin that can crack, those who endure eczema and dermatitis.

A clear watery solution that is immediately absorbed.  Two applications leaves skin exceptionally hydrated and smooth.  Gives softness and flexibility back to the skin.


HyraLac will be a product and a solution you have never come across before.  It is for dry skin that is flaking and shedding, dry skin that has thickened and hardened.  Skin that has become rough and harder with age and skin that frequently suffers periods of eczema or dermatitis.  HydraLac replenishes essential skin compounds that are depleted when it behaves in the above manners.  It is like a serum for the body.  It is applied where needed and its effects are felt immediately.  HydraLac does not  need to be applied everyday.  It has an incredible smoothing and softening effect that for many they would not have felt for a very long time.  As HydraLac is replenishing compounds the skin is making already it feels very comfortable and is utilised  by the skin  straight away. HydraLac acn be used under Body Oil, Lucent or Body Cream. If you have are undergoing BBL or laser on the arms we strongly recommend the usage of HydraLac with Lucent to achieve the best outcomes during the period of skin recovery and regrowth over the next three months. HydraLac is a clear watery fluid that has a soft after feel. It contains  no oils or fats and is not what a traditional body lotion or body cream feels like. Usually used only a few times a week over the arms or legs or when serious dryness arises.