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Parsley Seed Shampoo 300ml


All hair types from normal to oily to sensitive.  For people who shampoo often or people who do not.  For thick hair or fine hair.  Maintains the hairs strength and integrity from the pore to the ends.  People with the most dry or irritated scalps find this shampoo very helpful.

A medium viscosity clear gel with a subtle blue to purple colour.  Smells fresh from the peppermint and a little herbal from the Blue Tansy.  Will not sting eyes and is suitable for children and adults. For hair heavy with oils the first wash will not foam a lot and the second wash will foam much more.  For hair that is lightly oily the first wash will foam well. Use on hair that is very wet.


Parsley Seed Shampoo is a Vit B5 enriched wash that’s purpose is to clean the scalp and hair strands adequately as well as gently.  This natural shampoo foams well and feels fresh and minty. The  Spearmint, Peppermint and Blue Tansy in Parsley Seed Shampoo relieves irritations on the scalp as well as being refreshing and pleasurable to smell.  This shampoo is free of sulphates, foaming agents, spreaders, colours, micas and silicones.  This shampoo leaves no load on the hair.  Can be used as desired – daily or less frequently. For heavily oily hair or hair weighed down with styling product wash twice.  In this instance the first wash may feel less foamy as the surfactants are entirely required to lift the oils rather than foam. The second wash will foam significantly.  Leaves hair shiny, clean and fresh. Please use with our Nutrient conditioner.