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Hand Sanitiser 200ml


Those on the move a lot and those who need to have clean hands free of dubious bacteria or viral species. Those who like natural oils and dislike synthetic fragrances.

Cool with a soft viscosity that spreads like water will and dries with no after feel.  has a very pleasant scent from the essential oils and is not overpowering, sickly or sticky.


An instantly refreshing cleansing and sanitising gel. Wonderful at cleaning hands on the go when a tap is not close by.  Apart from the sanitizing effect of this hand sanitizer it also removes stickiness from the hands or that uncomfortable oily dirty feeling our hands can get when out shopping or walking with little ones. Made with isopropyl alcohol (which has a much milder scent that ethanol), essential oils and Aloe this gel has enough viscosity to stay in the hand well without running everywhere, has a very pleasant refreshing scent from Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Lemon.  It drys with no stickiness or soapy feel, it is just crisp and clean and comfortable.  You will actually look forward to using it again and again. Adequately sanitises hands in situations where a high level of sanitation is required  such as health facilities and food preparation areas. Contains 75% alcohol.