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000 Salve


Small children, infants and adults.  Those who are outside a lot and appreciate a good handy balm for mishaps.  Those who like to keep compounds on the skin natural and compatible but have good functionality.  For parents and gardners and adventurers.  For kitchen lovers and those who are accident prone.

Solid on initial contact then melts into skin quickly.  Maintains an oily barrier from water. Smells quite fresh and herbaceous with a mild camphorous scent balanced by the softness of lavender and the freshness of lemon.  We’ve found this product is enjoyed and asked for by young children who suffer itching skin a lot.


OOO Salve is our version of a first aid cream.  The kind of product you reach for when kids are upset and presenting with a painful insect bite or scrape from a bicycle mishap.  A balm for relieving itching in young ones who don’t yet have the control to not scratch an itchy skin.  For an unexpected thorn puncture or quick slice of a finger during dinner prep, OOO Salve assists a wound to heal alleviating that hardened, red, extra sore stage. Made with solid waxes and oils of beeswax, shea, cocoa butter, olive and almond oil this gives a water resistant base that is firm but still easy enough to scoop out of a jar when things need urgent attention.  Contains essential oils of Chamomile, Tea Tree, Lavender, Calendula, Lemon plus a selection of others known to soothe, keep foreign bacteria at bay, alleviate itching and generally make people feel better. We also add Vit E for its excellent outcomes in wound healing. Being water free this balm keeps for a long time, making its addition to camping boxes, car glove boxes, garden sheds and pantries, or other places where it may not be used often quite ok.  Rub a small amount on area until healed or irritation subsides.