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Baby Balm


All skin that needs both soothing, healing and an effective barrier protection. For infants and children.

Soft to the touch with an emollient very smooth, soft “caramel” like feel.  Comes in a screw top metal tin.


A balm to soothe all the incidents that can cause an infant or small child discomfort.  Made for inflamed skin, sensitive skin, bitten skin, stung skin, burnt skin and itchy skin.  This emollient balm is water free so it can more effectively protect a baby’s skin from soiling in a nappy, regurgitated milk that gets caught in the folds of the neck or extended water immersion while swimming or playing.  Made with Blue Tansy, Vit E, Chamomile, Zinc and Lanolin and given a stronger texture with Shea butter to allow ease of use when grappling with a strong wriggling baby.  Can be used anywhere that is needed from dry red face cheeks to bottoms to leg creases or a rashy tummy. Stops itching and discomfort to allow a little one to engage more fully in activities that make them happy.  Protects skin from irritants. Covers the skin effectively to prevent dryness and gives the skin a chance to grow and recover from an injured situation. Made only with nature made ingredients, contains no synthetic compounds.