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Hand Wash 500ml


Those who need to subdue cooking ingredient scents and those who like clean fresh hands without the synthetic fragrance and chemical load. those who love the scent of lemongrass, lemon and ginger.  Those who like to bring  the natural world outside inside.

A medium to thick viscosity gel that feels cool and fresh.  Makes an open larger bubble foam. Rinses freely and leaves its lemon rind, lemongrass and ginger root scents behind.


Our Hand Wash is made with pure essential oils of Lemon, Ginger and Lemongrass so it can override strong scents from contact with food ingredients in a kitchen or other areas of the home.  A sulphate free product that gets it cleansing ability from more more natural and gentle Decyl Glucosides and Cocoyl Betaines.  This is important for people who wash thier hands regularly or are already susceptible to dryness or sensitivity. This Hand Wash gives a good lather, requires only a small amount (half or 1 pump depression only) spreads and rinses well. Has a good viscosity for easier handling if helping others to wash their hands. The scent is lively and lemony with that mouth watering unique spice and warmth that ginger has. Contains no micas, parabens, synthetic or artificial scent. Enjoy.