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Soft Rinse Off Face Scrub


Everyone who like to physically exfoliate their skin from time to time.  Suitable for those who often scrubs irritating.  Suitable for those who have congestion, work in dusty, oily environments or who use tanning products/makeup on their face.  Ideal usage is once or twice a week only.  For those who are on Rectifying Serum the usage is less regular.

Feels thick and paste like with fine pumice granules felt when pressure applied.  Use on wet skin to enable a good slide and movement of the product over the skin.  This is a physical exfoliant that works by abrading the very fine crystalline clay paste over the skin.  Smells fresh with Lime and Peppermint Essential Oils.


Soft Rinse Off Scrub is a thick white kaolin clay mixed with fine pumice to give an exfoliating paste.  Made to give a very fine textured polish and suits those who tend to over exfoliate due to its fine texture and non invasive nature.  Using a clay enables the whole product to be the active exfoliant due to the clays crystalline nature.  You do not have the problem of the scrub granules falling away and making the scrub ineffective or the granules being too aggressive in their structure.  This scrub feels quite smooth on the fingertips which is deceiving in its effectiveness of delivering a very smooth but not irritating finish.  Use on wet skin and rinse well.  Use when skin feels irregular and rough or has congestion.  Soft Rinse Off Scrub will rarely be required if you are using our Rectifying Serum.  Using Rectifying Serum immediately after Soft Rinse Off Scrub will enhance its action and may be too much for the skin to handle. May be used as a drawing mask if skin is particularly oily.  Apply and leave to dry in this instance.