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Nursery Spray

Freshens rooms instantly with a scent that brings the outside natural world inside.


Suited to rooms that have incidence of high unwanted odours and rooms that do not receive a lot of natural air recirculation or breeze through particularly in colder months.

Smells like fresh herbal foliage from the Clary Sage which is given some depth and warmth from the Patchouli and Lavender. Smells like outside in a green garden.


The room where an infant is cared for, bathed and changed is a space that due to high use can have a distinct biological odour you’d rather did not develop.  Our Nursery Spray contains a blend of isopropyl alcohol, water and essential oils that combine with and neutralize these tiny tiny scent molecules so they no longer smell.  As the Nursery Spray scent only comes from a small group of essential oils the scent is refreshing in a way that only natural plant extracted scents can be. Spray high into a room avoiding eyes and faces.