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Baby Wash


All babies where care is taken to bathe without drying the skin while being mindful of the need to wash away remnants of the day.  Suited to all skin including sensitive or irritated skin.  Neutralises acidic vomiting that has gotten onto skin.  Neutralises remnants of faeces or urine on the skin in the bottom area. Helps a baby feel refreshed and calm.

This wash is liquid like water due to the absence of thickeners.  This wash is concentrated and a small amount only is needed to make an adequate and refreshing bath.  Has a soft herbal scent that is reminiscent of comfort coming from the soothing essential oils used.  Made with gentle surfactants that do not sting the eyes.


A mild and gentle wash made from coconut and sugar cane derived surfactants that do not sting the eyes.  Contains no thickeners to keep the formulation as pur and essential as possible.  Easy to dispense into bath water with only two pump pushes needed for an infant sized bath or tub.  Made with oils of Blue Tansy, Rose and Calendula to give a soft scent and a just discernible soothing effect to the bath to help with the possible occurrence of irritated skin from nappy changing or regurgitated milk.  Contains  no sulphates, synthetic fragrance, parabens, thickeners or micas.  Packaged in glass for a pollutant free shelf life.