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Baby and Child Massage Oil


Young children and infants who have a dry skin or mild irritation.  Suitable to use as a slow quietening time with the use of massage to help a child feel close, secure and relaxed.

Has a soft herbal scent from Lavender, Chamomile and Blue Tansy.  Is very fine on the fingertips to enable the oil to absorb and not be uncomfortable or overly slippery.


A fine textured oil designed to treat skin dryness in an infant and treat the first signs of skin irritation that may occur in the creases of legs and arms or small red areas or rashes. Made with cold pressed carrier oils of Jojoba, Almond and Apricot and essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Blue Tansy that soothe mildly irritated skin or relax an upset child or baby.  A few drops can also be added to a bath to hydrate the skin.  Promotes a calm parent to child contact and assists in a lead up to sleep or relaxation time. Apply a small amount to skin so the skin is soft but not slippery.  Massage with a comfortable pressure in longer strokes over limbs, back and abdomen.