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Body Wash Gel 500ml


Those who like to bathe with a liquid gel rather than a solid bar. Those who have become accustomed to the world of natural products and the scents it offers.

Light and clear with a thin yet cohesive viscosity.  Light and fresh on the nose with essential oils from herbs and woods. Leaves the skin clean and fresh without over cleansing or causing itching.


Body Wash gel is distinctly uplifting and fresh in both its feel on the skin and in its scent.  This body wash is made with the gentle surfactants from corn and coconut. We use these because they cause no tears and are gentle enough for all, including infants and those with problematic sensitive skin.  Although gentle this body wash has a soft open lather of larger bubbles that will expand when used with a sponge or mitten.  Aloe Vera further enhances its fresh but hydrated feel.  The plant oils we chose for Body Wash Gel are Clary Sage, Bergamot, Lemon and some Cedarwood, imparting a scent reminiscent of low growing herbs getting some sun before they are again in shade.  Suitable for all body bathing in a shower or bath.  Use in the hand or applied to a cloth, brush or sponge.