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Body Lotion Fluide


Those who products with a light AHA formulation for smoothness.  Those who like more wooded, refreshing scents and those who like the convenience of a pump for dispensing their product.

Soft, medium to light weight with a fluidity that gives the product an easy flow.  Feels cool and refreshing, absorbs well for a silken feel.  The smoothness from AHA’s is felt some hours after application.


This Body Lotion Fluide is lighter in texture and finish than our Body Cream.  It contains lactates to smooth the skin of roughness and spent skin cells and keep a good water concentration in the skin.  The plant oils and shea butter keep just the right amount of emollient feel on the skin to give skin a medium to light protection from evaporation or drying environments.  Body Lotion Fluid has a wooded, earthy scent that is somewhat warm, herbal and green. This product is NOT a floral scent being made with Clary Sage, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Mandarine and Patchouli.  Being more fluid in nature enables us to put this product in a bottle with a pump which for some is a crucial convenience.  Use as often as required.