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Milk Cleanser 500ml


Milk Cleanser is for all skin types and particularly for those who feel dry and want to clean their skin while still leaving it balanced.

Milk Cleanser feels very soft and smooth with a definite feeling of comfort and compatibility. It has a light viscosity with good flow and is easy to move over the skin. When Milk Cleanser is rinsed the skin feel is soft with a just detectable velvet feel.


Our most loved cleanser because of its scent, feel and functional placement of being part oil type cleanser and part gel type cleanser.  Milk Cleanser is a white emulsion type cleanser that means it uses water and oils to clean both the oil and water soluble unwanted components resting on the surface of the skin.  This cleanser also contains a small amount of surfactant to give it increased washability and a more non greasy finish on the skin. Milk Cleanser is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.  It is a fluid but has an enveloping thickness that feels so welcome on the skin.  This and its washability are two much loved components but there is a third even more loved, its scent.  For many using this cleanser will be a memorable part of their day, memorable enough that they look forward to using it again.  This has been a very much intentional sensorial experience.  For those with young children using this cleanser in the shower or bathroom may be their only alone time of the day.  Perhaps for you it is a time that separates you from the day that has occurred, or helps get you prepared for a day that is coming.  Milk Cleanser is intended to clean your skin well and also for a moment hold you in a place where you may take a breathe and let go of all thoughts that have occurred before. Milk Cleanser also feels good because it is in fact natural, it has a certain comfort and freshness that is only welcomed, not repelled.  It is by its very nature, compatible with not just you but also its environment.  It has a herbal scent that is fresh yet soft, not floral.  Contains essential oils of Manuka, Geranium, Sandalwood.