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Body Oil


Those who enjoy something unique and luxurious.  Those who enjoy those things even more when they solve problems and are dependable.  Those who haven’t found a great body oil in a long, long time, or those who think they have but could be proven wrong.

Comforting and soft, warmly scented, rich yet you want more.  Softening and replenishing.  Memorable.


Body Oil is a simple name belying a really not so simple product.  I made this Body Oil to deeply nourish a skin that needs a lot of attention.  I chose plant oils that had specific fatty acids I was after as well as their feel on the skin.  Some oils are very fine in texture while others are fuller and fattier.  Some oils to penetrate quickly, some to stay for longer.  I also tried to get a good naturally occurring vitamin dosage from the oils I chose as well.  Body Oil has a good dose of Vitamin E as well as naturally occurring betacarotenes.  These vitamins are used by the skin and its micro biome to grow well and balanced, visible to you in the velvet softness you feel and the fuller more nourished look it has. Body Oil is made to be memorable.  I wanted to say hello to you everyday in a way you would look forward to.  Something unique, something intriguing, something altogether beautiful, something that was helpful.  Its not necessarily a floral or a herbal or a green scent but you will love it.  That demarcation in your day when all you have to think about is touch and scent, even if for just a little while. Body Oil makes a great bath or shower oil and particularly likes to be applied to damp skin.