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Cleansing Oil


Cleansing Oil has been suited to all types of skin in the past.  It is frequently the missing link in having very healthy skin for a lot of people.  Occasionally it has not been right for skin that is susceptible to lots of milia, or skin that is sensitive to essential oils like cedar wood or mandarine.  Cleansing Oil is ideal for skin that feels dry, normal or oily and those who see the value of using water free products.

Incredibly soft with a warm, calming scent that is hard to describe.  Part wood, part spice, part floral.  Cleansing Oil feels very smooth and comforting.  After use skin is visibly hydrated, very smooth and comfortable, a feeling that becomes more obvious as time passes.


Beautiful Cleansing Oil.  This cleanser is completely water free, being made up only of oils.  Some oils are thick and viscous, some are fine and delicate.  Together they make a unique texture that feels incredibly soft.  Using a cleansing oil somehow makes time seem to slow, there is just nothing you want to rush while using Cleansing Oil.  This is part how it feels and part how it smells.  Oils naturally soften and dislodge oil soluble compounds and debris from the skin.  They are marvellous because they do this while never allowing the skin to be compromised or dehydrated.  They are entirely surfactant free and as they remove all your acquired waste from the day they are,no  in turn laying down a new entirely clean layer of oils, always maintaining  the integrity of that important native lipid layer of the skin.  But that is just half of the story, there is also something else.  The sensation and act of applying the oil to the face, breathing in its scent and feeling it run between your fingers is quite unexpectedly very calming.  You tend to go slowly, you tend to become more content, to be there in the moment, to enjoy the process. Long term Cleansing Oil users, I have observed over decades, have a shared attribute of very clear, creamy complexion skins.  The same amount of clarity in fact that our high vitamin users or frequent BBL laser users have.  It’s an intriguing outcome and one I put down to the skin never being compromised by having a damaged lipid layer.  Never  being in a dehydrated state.  Always having an environment of being protected.  It isn’t discussed in my field but it should be, it is quite a remarkable outcome.  However not everyone likes an oily type cleanser so no matter the benefits we are unlikely to arrive at the day where everyone uses them, regardless of the benefits. Cleansing Oil is applied over damp or dry skin generously and massaged in for a time.  It is removed by dampening a soft cloth (knitted cloth is good) in warm water and wiping the oil away in long strokes.  Depending on the finish you like you may wipe off only once or two or more times.  Cleansing Oil when only wiped away the once will have enough remaining on the skin to be a moisturiser also.  This is a nice thing to do once a week or so to mix up the diversity of fatty acids and lipids going on the skin.  The micro biome likes it too.