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Body Wash Milk Emulsion – White


Those who have dry skin on their arms and legs or all over.  Those who prefer to not use foaming gel surfactant cleansers on their body.  Those with skin that is dry to the point of being sensitive, itchy and red.

Body Wash Milk Emulsion feels thick and creamy with a medium viscosity that forms a stable pool in your hand.  Fine clays give this cleanser a thicker feel and a smooth effect on the skin once rinsed.  Feels velvet soft and refreshing with West Australian honey myrtle essential oils to smell mellow and soft like a sunny day in an Australian native low canopy bush.


We are all familiar with a milk cleanser for the face but are we for the body?  We use milk cleansers for the face because we know they are not drying yet the skin on our bodies is likely the most dry skin we have.  Body Wash Milk Emulsion is a milk type cleanser for the body, providing a gentler more nourishing cleanse than foaming gel type cleansers or soap. Body Wash Milk Emulsion also contains a very fine clay for those gardening knees or extra dirty arms and hands.  Made with Australian pure essential oils it has a lemon scent that is a little camphor fresh from our eucalypts while also being reminiscent of honey from our large heavy nectar laden blossoms our natives can have. Body Wash Milk Emulsion is massaged over the skin in all its thick milky glory and then is rinsed away as any other body cleanser would be.